Advance Steel is 3D modeling software for steel detailing, design, fabrication, and construction


Structural engineers can use a bidirectional link between Advance Steel detailing software and Revit to collaborate on the same 3D model, saving time and minimizing errors.


Automate repetitive tasks with an intelligent design toolset

Library of parametric steel connections

Library of parametric steel connections

Generate complex structures in fewer steps with the Dynamo Extension for Advance Steel. Use the library of parametric steel connections and dedicated tools to accelerate design and other tasks.

Use automated tools to create accurate drawings and data for fabrication

Steel shop drawings and NC data

Steel shop drawings and NC data

Automatically generate and update steel fabrication deliverables. Create model-driven shop deliverables and NC files to streamline fabrication and installation.



  • Video: Workflow shows how Revit and Advance Steel work together from design to fabrication

    Advance Steel + Revit

    Learn how Revit and Advance Steel can work together in a seamless BIM workflow from design to fabrication. 


  • Video: Complex geometry structures being solved

    Advance Steel + Dynamo

    Use Dynamo with Advance Steel to help solve complex geometry structures, no programming experience required.


  • Video: Project stakeholders collaborating

    Advance Steel + Navisworks

    Export models to Navisworks and collaborate with stakeholders to reduce the risk of unexpected jobsite issues. 


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